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Would you like me to incorporate this into my Aromatherapy Massage Treatments?? Just gotta find me some snake suppliers .
I have Thursday 26th availability at 10 am !
Who is in ?
PS . No snakes involved 😜😘
Simmi xx

I think I'm fainting 😱

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# D I D Y O U K N O W
Fragrance systems are often installed in Japanese Offices
The Japanese culture is one that adopts and adapts to progress if it means increase in productivity, hence translates to dollars.
Essential oils are utilised in certain offices during the day and then may change the formulation for the afternoon to prevent the slump by diffusing a more energised blend including Rosemary.
They found reduced typing errors, reduced sick leave, less stress and increased productivity.

Now imagine this being utilised in the hospitals to reduce bacterial infections, reduced patient in stay time, less agitation and anxiety, improved sleep and creating s preventative protocol for further induced hospital diseases eg influenza and Staph infections .
The potential is massive for Aromatherapy . Massive and beneficial.
Then imagine replacing some of the extremely toxic cleaning products ..
and then the food .
Please ...
this must be the way of the future health systems .
Change is necesssary .
Simmi xxx

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⭐️Dinner date with Dad each night.

I am so impressed with the quality of food @wolper that my mum orders me a meal too!!!
⭐️Tonight’s menu
Starter - Broccoli and Cashew Soup,
Main - Atlantic salmon in Beurre Blanc sauce,
Dessert- chia and berry pudding .

🙌🏽Then he has his aromatherapy massage.
I’ve used a blend that included 💦Immortelle , Lavender and Tea Tree amongst others...

then some 📺TV followed by sleep.
Not too bad hey ?

And since he hasn’t had medication he seems so much better without the 20 pills a day he was having at @stvincentshospitalsydney. I’m so upset with the hospital as he got the Golden Staph from being in there .
I’m angry at the hospital system for many reasons and this is definately a main one and apparently a common occurrence for patients after speaking to a nurse there.

Imagine a hospital that utilised Essential Oils in the air conditioning system ???
The potential for Aromatherapy is extensive . Thanks for reading as I ramble on ... watching my dad next to me .

The staff love him. They find him to be kind, polite and such a gentleman.
I adore this guy.

Simmi XX

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