Aromatherapy Adventure Workshops

Workshops for beauty, balance and brilliance

Come join me on an Aromatherapy Adventure.

As a qualified Aromatherapist with over 25 years experience, I’m asked daily about the uses and benefits of Essential Oils. That’s why I’ve created these workshops – and how I know they’ll be invaluable to you.

Each Aromatherapy workshop is designed to empower you with knowledge to soothe, heal and cleanse with essential oils and Aromatherapy. You’ll learn to create your own essential oil toolkit and know how and when to use your oils and blends safely and effectively. Whether it’s for pain relief, skin health or to use on an emotional level, you’ll discover natural healing wisdoms that will enrich your life and your family’s wellbeing.

Enjoy my Aromatherapy Adventure workshops individually, or mix them up with Simply Living workshops to take a holistic approach to your wellness.

Spaces are limited to allow for individual attention. (These will sell quickly – so jump in now!)

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If you’ve ever…

  • Been unsure what to look for when buying Essential Oils?
  • Bought Essential Oils but found you didn’t really know how to use them effectively?
  • Wondered about natural alternatives to support you and your family through common ailments?

…Then my Aromatherapy Adventure Workshops are for you

You can read about each workshop below. Book in, then come and play. I can’t wait to meet you!

Let’s Play with Aromatherapy

How to blend Essential Oils and integrate Aromatherapy into your lifestyle

This 2.5 hr experiential workshop takes your Aromatherapy knowledge to the next level. We dive deeper into the therapeutic properties and application methods of Essential Oils. Plus, you get to blend and play, taking home your very own personalised product for face or body.

  • Learn how to combine Essential Oils safely to effectively treat a range of symptoms
  • Experience 10 different methods and learn when to use them for which conditions
  • Create a personalised blend to take home along with a workbook of notes, methods and recipes

If you‘ve always wanted to know about Aromatherapy but haven’t known where to start – Aromatherapy Adventure Workshops are for you.

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The Essential Oils Toolkit

Understand the Essential Oils to have in your wardrobe (as well as the ‘must-have’ accessories)

In a relaxed, interactive and intuitive 2.5hr session, come and learn the fundamentals of Aromatherapy.

Let me introduce you to 20 key Essential Oils – your aromatic wardrobe – each with its own distinct personality and healing properties. I’ll dispel the myths so you understand the facts. And you’ll leave with knowledge you can use straight away to enhance your health and bring beautifying benefits to your skin and home.

  • Get to know the 20 key Essential Oils and 4 Vegetable (carrier) Oils
  • Know what to look for when buying safe, effective Essential Oils
  • Learn how to use key essential oils safely for a multitude of purposes in everyday situations
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Bring beauty, balance and brilliance into your life with a combination of my Simply Living & Aromatherapy Adventure workshops.

Book your spot now. Then come and play. I can’t wait to see you there!

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