Last month we had a family evening function for around 130 people in Melbourne.
The event involved a hell of a lot of organizing, also a lunch for 30 people, the ceremony itself and a dinner for the family (20 people with many dietary requests – gluten free, coeliac, vegetarian amongst the crew.)
Basically, 4 days of events one after the other.

It was all systems go for the last 6 months to organize the various events. What was meant to be an exciting time for my family, celebrating a rite of passage for my son slowly turned into an emotional and nauseating process.  

‘The thought of organising these events started to absolutely freak me out!’

Nothing was going to match the fabulous ideas I had in my head.  Especially with a budget to stick with. Money can be so creatively challenging if you just don’t have an limitless bank account.

Now I love a party and usually love to organize events but somehow this is when it happened to me – full blown ANXIETY like I have never experienced before. 

‘The anxiety was both paralyzing and physically a blow to my ‘to do’ list each day.’

I would wake up with a feeling of dread, heart palpitating, a constant feeling of nausea, headaches and sense of drowning as my ‘to do’ list grew, making things worse.

I was embarrassed and felt like a failure as a mum and wife, I felt ridiculous as a person from the wellness world to be experiencing this sick, debilitating sensations. Usually so confident, positive and relaxed to becoming a nervous, sensitive victim.
How the hell did this happen ?

I wanted everything to be perfect for my guests, many coming from interstate that we felt so excited to see after a long break.  The expectations for each event grew, (in my head), they grew so much that they took the joy out of the experience.
It’s difficult enough when you are a perfectionist and control freak, then adding to that is the self expectation of wanting everything to be just brilliant, to really WOW the crowd.
I had to start delegating jobs to various people, which REALLY rocked my INNER control freak. ‘She’ (lets name her Mildred)  was definitely NOT happy. I had to learn to surrender to being imperfect.  
Getting things done in this state was far from appealing and what I expected.

 ‘I had to treat each day, each symptom, each mind set as they came and visited.’

I realized I had so many tools in my toolbox for my clients and needed to use on myself. You forget how much you know until you are at low point and have your back against the wall.

Use the tools that suit the situation.

And this is where I utilized my life experiences, my aromatherapy, my mindset and of course my nutrition knowledge to deal with this constant state of anxiousness.

When expectations for your self are just waaayy to unrealistic to be real, well that’s why they are just that- UN- REAL –ISTIC.  

This is what worked for me and hopefully you, if you ever experiencing ANXIETY.
 I began each day in quiet meditation, to connect to myself and body scan my physical aspect. Then going quietly within to watch what was happening with my mind chatter. I would utilise my selected oils depending on where and what was being experienced.
This helped so much along with my daily chai latte. (Never underestimate a bloody good Chai).

 There are many, tools that combined helped me through this period and I will share some with you that stood out.
  I found my groove and  the functions were amazing, the guests had a ball and memories were made for a lifetime.
Everything was imperfectly perfect.  And that was OK. 
 And to top it off my son remarked, “It was the best night of my life evarrrrrrr !!!!!
Thank you Mummy for everything. “

Can’t ask for more than that.
Happy mummy.

I’m just putting the finishing touches on my 5 Top Essential Oils Recipes for Anxiety report.

In this report, I give you exactly what I use for myself and for my private clients when we are feeling anxious and like everything is getting on top of us.If you want this report, just send me a reply email and I’ll send it to you in the next day, as soon as it’s done.


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