I’m Simmi, a certified Holistic Health Coach and an Aromatherapist of over 20 years.

I practice, I teach, I empower you.

The first thing you’ll discover about me is my honesty and my sensitivity. I don’t hide anything. I don’t hide FROM anything. I’m ‘me’. (It took me a while to be able to say that and truly embrace it – read on and you’ll find out why).

aroma_logoI went through a lot to get to this point. Like the lotus flower in my logo that grows in muddy water, I rose from a dark place to flourish in the light. Now I feel powerful, proud and happy to say I’m ‘me’.

Read my story. It may resonate. And know this – wherever you are in your life right now, whatever you’re dealing with – it’s the mud that makes you stronger. The fear, the heartache, the struggle, the challenges. Know this – and then commit to empowering yourself with the tools and strategies to get out of it.
Believe me when I say I understand where you are at. I have been there and then some. I know what it’s like to feel isolated, alone and hopeless. To not want to get out of bed, to be comatose on the couch every night, exhausted and wondering if this is all there is.

Now, overcoming my challenges enables me to connect with likeminded women in my beautiful tribe – with insight, compassion and practical advice that helps them achieve their own truth and potential.

By loving ourselves enough, we can all grow, like the lotus, into anchored, joyful, beautiful women.

Here’s my story.

My life in murky waters

I moved to Melbourne from Sydney’s Eastern suburbs with two young kids and a teenager. I felt isolated – separated from my support system. I lacked security and stability, experiencing insane financial worries, staring bankruptcy in the face. I felt different – like I didn’t fit in. Like I didn’t have a home.
My teenager began struggling with addiction and I was the family’s emotional rock. But my buttons were pushed from the moment I got up to the time I went to bed. And even then, sleep wasn’t an ally.

Life was giving me grief on so many levels. It was impossible to find peace.

I suffered anxiety, depression, insomnia, you name it. Like a lot of women do, I had too much on my plate and not enough emotional backup. So, yes, my nerves were screaming.

And boy, did I have my own addictions. They became my go-to’s. My comfort zone. Chocolate, chips, cigs, dope, wine – the usual suspects women rely on. My body responded with weight gain, a pre-diabetic diagnosis, skin rashes and digestive issues.All of these factors resulted in ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ and adrenal fatigue.

I was running on empty.
My health and wellbeing were falling
further and further away from me.

There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed. What did it matter? I toyed with suicide. Dark thoughts. I knew I had to get out of the mud or else be swallowed by it.

My journey

I got back in the driver’s seat and began to ride the remedy rollercoaster. Western medicine, alternative medicine, antidepressants, other pills, therapies and treatments. There were vitamin programs, exercise programs, diet programs – vegan, paleo, low carb, high protein, raw food, no food.

I was Dr Google’s guinea pig. I tried it all.

Grappling my way back to health was a challenge. I was desperate for answers, researching whatever I could, wherever I could – workshops, seminars, conferences, talks. But with so much conflicting information, it was hard to find my path.

Finally, at the IIN Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I consolidated my learning with the study of over 100 different nutritional theories. Things began to make sense.

I learned to manage my stress.

I learned to listen to my body. To love it better.
To nurture it back to health.
And it responded.

I found my way. I decided I deserved to live with a happy body in a happy space. I took a stand and discovered ways to create a life I deserved and loved. I lost 23cm around my waist and got my cravings under control. As my brain fog cleared, so did my skin. It all became clear.

At the core of this change for me, was self-care – and once this happened, everything shifted.


The relationships around me flourished. When I was happy, the family was happy. Like all women, I am the emotional provider and decider. Like all women, my emotional wellbeing took a backseat for too long. Once I got in the driver’s seat – I took control. And now there’s no stopping me.

At my 50th birthday party friends told me I was glowing – and it was true. I was radiating wellness from the inside. 

My petals continue to open
I’m still on my journey, but it’s not bumpy anymore.

The old Simmi was bloated, depressed and felt sick all the time. Some days, I couldn’t get out of bed. My women’s cycle and hormones were totally out of whack. Now I know what foods lift me up and what foods drain me. Now I have energy, and it’s a constant. I have renewed enthusiasm and purpose.

It does take a commitment to self-care to live out my passions, and not hide behind my bad habits. Still, I don’t deny myself pleasures. I believe in balance and a delicious lifestyle – not idealised perfection. I now love good nutrition and moving my body because it makes my body love me back. I don’t need the quick fix of a choccy bar. I do enjoy a treat every now and then but there’s no more emotional bingeing.

I’m about keeping it real and finding my own balance, my own perfect.

Turning 50 was a milestone for me. I searched for happiness within myself (it sounds cliché but it’s true). I reprogrammed myself for happiness. I’m a new-life, self-care advocate.

And now I know that through the experience of those dark times, I’ve found my purpose – guiding clients towards the self-care practices that they desperately need but aren’t allowing themselves. Providing a safe space for them to investigate what’s holding them back. Nurturing them as they experience their own ah-ha moments, and ultimately find their own balance.

Partnering you on your journey

I teach women how to develop lifelong habits, helping them transform their lives, increase energy, reduce stress and balance weight. I partner women on a bespoke journey to self-care and self-love.

I help women escape the self-hate dieting cycle of failure that western women lose their happiness to. I teach women to centre themselves on happiness. Not thinness or ‘perfection’. I help women love their body and more importantly to love themselves.

I help women find the energy to leap off the couch and into life.

I help women recognise that taking care of themselves makes them better able to care for others.

Fundamentally, I instigate change that is long lasting. In mind, body and spirit. 

So, what about you?

Let me make your journey easier and more enjoyable. Let me take you out of the wellness maze and sort out your shit once and for all. Let me show you how to make yourself a priority – without the guilt.

We look at food choices, lifestyle factors, fun ways to move your body. Healthy ways to use aromatherapy to reduce the toxins you put on your skin and around your home.

I’ll support you every step of the way with manageable actions that won’t overwhelm you or break the budget.

Move away from overwhelm and depletion. Create the happiest and healthiest version of you.

I can’t wait to help you on your journey out of murky waters and into a life of balance, purpose and vitality.

Love, Simmi x




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